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Donald Trump lost; get over it.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This headline was clickbait. I will let you know that in advance. I will spend the better part of this post explaining why myself and, I think, so many people are having a hard time accepting the projected loss of Donald Trump.

I use the term "projected" pejoratively because the mainstream media has spent nearly every moment on television, written every article and spared NO effort following the election to do anything but project their desire for Donald Trump to leave the White House onto the American public. As a matter of fact, they have done this since the day he walked down the escalator to announce his candidacy. They have done this because he was not supposed to run as a political outsider, and he certainly wasn't supposed to win. The underdog who vigorously and tenaciously fights to overcome obstacles is not supposed to ACTUALLY win in the world of American politics. He most certainly is not supposed to win without lobbyists and special interest groups controlling his decisions once he is in office. He is supposed to lose, fall in line and walk away with his proverbial tail between his legs. He is supposed to accept his defeat and acknowledge that he did not belong there in the first place lest other people from the basket of deplorables get the notion that they, too, could play a role in the upper echelons of the ruling class. He won anyway and they all hated him for it. They hated him because he acknowledged the lowly citizenry. He listened to them and gave their concerns a voice and validation. How dare he not pretend as if the dregs of society do not exist?!

This same media spent nearly every moment of Donald Trump's presidency intentionally lying to us, with no evidence, suggesting that he coordinated with Vladimir Putin to steal the election and work on behalf of the Kremlin as a Russian agent. Because of their lack of desire to regain any lost credibility by admitting their outright deceit and notifying the public that this entire narrative was bought and paid for propaganda from the opposing party's candidate and a cooperative and dishonest FBI, there are still Americans who believe this to be true. If you are not consuming a wide range of varying media sources, I would go as far as to argue that you most likely cannot name one positive contribution that Donald Trump made to this country during his presidency. You could probably tell me how many scoops of ice cream or how many Big Macs he eats, how much he praised and loved the white supremacists in Charlottesville, how many times Jim Acosta cried, how small his salt and pepper shakers are so that his hands seem larger, how he told everyone to inject themselves with bleach and how much he paid or did not pay on his taxes 3 years ago. You most likely couldn't tell me how many children his administration has saved from human trafficking, how many illegal aliens with criminal records he deported, how many miles of secure border wall have been built, how much money he has saved the country by operating with a leaner administration and pulling us out of bad deals that don't benefit the American people (NAFTA, Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal) or how many troops he saved by pulling them out of the longest war in the history of our nation, how much he has saved on prescription drug costs and that beginning on January 1st hospitals must now list their actual prices for patients and consumers rather than estimated costs, and that he has been nominated not once, but twice for the Nobel Peace Prize because of his efforts in brokering peace agreements in the middle east.

That brings me to the year 2020. The year that brought us into a new decade yet set us back 244 years. This is the year that shed light on the fact that we are no longer free men. We were a nation of men who started a war over a 2% tax increase on tea but have quietly and calmly allowed the ruling class to issue their dictates and exert control over us in a way that would make George Washington puke in disgust. I had the foresight, and still contend, that COVID-19 is a nasty and potentially lethal virus if you have underlying health conditions, but for healthy adults and children, it is the equivalent of the flu and should be treated as such. In the beginning they encouraged you to not wear masks, to go down to Chinatown, to not live your life in fear and that this was not that serious. Then, the government got to decide what businesses are essential. Asking essential to whom will get you labeled as a grandma killer. Someone's ability to provide a home and food for their children is essential, therefore their job and the companies they work for are essential, but the government did not see it that way. Not one time did I see a grocery store, a Home Depot, a Lowes, a Wal-Mart, a Target, a fast-food chain, or ANY golden child corporation be forced to close their doors due to rampant spread of the virus. I did, however, watch a gym owner get arrested and fined exorbitant amounts of money, a salon owner must close her doors and move to a different town, multiple restaurant owners close their doors for good and countless other businesses shut down permanently because they will never recover. We watched overwhelming levels of power and authority be given to health departments and school boards. They gleefully forced dual-income households to desperately search for usually unavailable childcare that would not only keep your school-aged children but ensure they were successfully doing their work/attending their classes. The alternative was becoming a single-income family desperately fighting to keep what you had worked so hard for. We were told to stay in our homes while we watched large swathes of people burn entire cities to the ground with no repercussions. We were told to stay in our homes, not visit our elderly relatives and not to gather with our friends and family while we watched the same people issuing the orders violate them on a regular basis. A blowout for a television appearance, a trip to the lake house, a family vacation, a Hawaiian paradise business conference, a fine dining experience.....They don't take it seriously, but they want you to. We watched the President close the borders to attempt to mitigate the spread and be called a xenophobe. He recommended the exploration of the prophylactic and treatment use of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin & zinc and although medical decisions should be made between a physician and a patient you had governors outright ban and threaten the medical licenses of physicians who would prescribe the treatment. You had social media organizations "fact check," censor or outright remove any videos of LICENSED & PRACTICING physicians telling you that they had been using the drug and that it had been effective for their patients. You had a study that came out a couple days before the election (link here) that suggests fewer than 3% of people who took this combination of drugs required hospitalization. How many lives could have been saved if this treatment had not been politicized?

We watched the current President maintain his approval ratings, through this entire pandemic shit show, within his own party at over 95% and overall, at over 50%. We watched him cross the nation and hold rallies that garnered thousands of attendees who were proud of their country and proud of the man who wanted to make them his number one priority. We simultaneously watched a washed up 47-year politician, two-time failed Presidential candidate and feeble old man who could barely string a sentence together without a teleprompter or his wife there to speak for him struggle to get 100 people at a single campaign event where he touted all the globalist policies that he wanted to bring back at the expense of the American taxpayer. He proudly declared he would put people out of work and raise their taxes. He threatened constituents verbally and even sometimes physically (see video here) if they dared to question him or his policies. He had Freudian slips that would make the neurologist blush, stating that they had put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. (video here) He hid in his basement and barely campaigned. We watched the media fawn over him and ask no legitimate questions about policy or agenda because they didn't want to get him on the record. As a matter of fact, if you go back and watch the debates, foreign policy was never discussed the entire campaign. That is probably because if most Americans knew that Joe & Kamala were eager to jump back in bed with Iran & China, they may not have been so eager to vote for him. We watched a former business partner provide documentation of inappropriate relationships between the Biden family and China, Russia & Ukraine but he received absolutely NO coverage (outside of Tucker Carlson) in the mainstream media. We learned through a brave computer repairman that Joe's son Hunter and his brother Jim are completely compromised by our enemies and that allegedly Joe Biden was using them as a proxy to launder money and conduct unethical and potentially illegal business dealings while he was Vice President of the United States. We learned that both individuals are under an ongoing federal investigation, but we did not learn that little nugget until after the election. We were told that Joe Biden was the most popular Presidential candidate EVER in the history of our country (on his 3rd go round) by winning a record low number of counties EVER at 509 counties to Donald Trump's 2,547 but still garnered 81 million votes casting a shadow over his predecessor and former boss Barack Obama.

In an unprecedented moment, on election night, we watched as 6 states simultaneously stopped counting. Magically, hundreds of thousands of votes for one candidate poured in overnight...Mind you, counting had stopped so we still cannot quite figure out where all those ballots came from at 3:30 in the morning. We saw poll watchers be kicked out or refused entry to observe the process. If they were permitted, they were corralled so far away that they needed binoculars or telescopes to ACTUALLY observe the process. Windows were covered to prevent the observations. We saw with our own eyes, on video, a woman in Fulton Co. Georgia wheel a covered table into the counting room at 8:30am on election day, at 10:30pm that same woman kicked out the media and observers, pulled ballots out from beneath that special table and ran those ballots through the scanner multiple times. We have been told this has been "debunked,” but no one has explained why those ballots were hidden and were separate from all of the other ballots, why they were already removed from their envelopes, why the observers were told to leave, why the media reported a burst pipe as the reason for shutting down counting only to find out later that the burst pipe was a minor leak that was resolved between 6 & 8am that morning. Why did a machine flip 6,000 votes in Antrim Co. Michigan and how many other machines may have done the same? Why is Maricopa Co. refusing to allow a forensic audit of their machines and literally suing to keep them private? Why is Fulton Co. Georgia refusing a forensic audit of their absentee ballots? (Update: GA Senate judiciary passed a motion to audit on 12/30 to give Jovan Pulitzer access to these ballots) Why is the Georgia Secretary of State's office refusing to follow up on or investigate any claims of malfeasance but will send armed guards to Coffee Co. when the election supervisor puts out a video showcasing how easily the adjudication process can be hijacked by someone with nefarious intent? (video here) We are called cultists for asking questions. We are degraded and called conspiracy theorists. We are told to shut up, sit down and comply. We are told not to challenge the narrative and we are dumb and uneducated for having done so. The irony is that this type of treatment is how we ended up with Donald Trump in the first place.

We watched as governors, judiciaries and secretaries of state violated and circumvented the Constitution by changing election law without going through their state legislatures. All of the hyped-up hackable Dominion servers, counterfeit ballots, dead people voting, double voting, out-of-state resident voting, etc. aside, any vote cast through means that bypassed the laws that were in place are invalid and illegal. I don't care if you are a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. We are no longer a Republic when we start allowing people to arbitrarily make up laws as they go along by using a virus, that is safe enough for grocery shopping but too dangerous for voting, as an excuse for doing so. My father used to frequently use an Albert Einstein quote with regards to the government..."Anyone who doesn't take the truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either." I cannot help but feel that the truth is no longer being taken seriously at all. "Yes, we know there was fraud, but just move on and maybe we'll do something about it before next time."

Someone once condescendingly said to me, "Donald Trump shits in a gold toilet, he doesn't care about you." I respect a man who is handed $1,000,000 and does not piss it away on vices and grows his empire to the point where he has a gold toilet to take a shit on, gives that life up to run for public office on the premise of putting me and my country first and actually follow through with executing his platform and donates his entire government salary for four years. I respect him far more than a man who enters public office un-wealthy and leaves a millionaire with a gold toilet or with two $15,000 subzero refrigerators. We do not want to accept the results of a fraudulent election because no one wants to go back to being a slave to a government that does not care about them and expects them to shut up and toe the line.

If Donald Trump saw me on the side of the street, he wouldn't know me and most likely wouldn't acknowledge me; that's true.....But at least he wouldn't spit on me like the Democratic party and mainstream media have proverbially done for years.

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