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Election Night Eve

All my anarchist followers are going to hate this one, so I’ll just preface this post with that acknowledgement. That said, the night before election night for me is exciting in a way that I’m pretty sure makes me one of the nerdiest people in the world. I have my predictions for every race that I have researched and paid attention to throughout the campaign season all lined out on an excel spreadsheet. I have my snacks like it’s the Super Bowl. I still believe that we have more power than we care to admit because with that admission, we also accept the responsibility for the failures that we have serving in office right now and the ones who are running for office. If every person who sat back and said “meh…my vote doesn’t matter, so I’m just not going to do it” actually went out and voted, we’d have a significantly more representative government. In the 2018 midterm elections only 51.8% of voting age citizens actually voted. That’s pretty pathetic if we’re being honest with ourselves. I guess I decided to write this as an appeal to those who traditionally throw their hands up and say, “this doesn’t matter.” If you sit there and do nothing, you’re right, it doesn’t. If you call your friends to make it fun…Tailgate across from the polling place and turn it into a party, call your elderly neighbors or grandparents and offer to pick them up to go vote. If you vote in your local elections you can change your city council. You can change your mayor and the group of people who appoint your local health director. You can change the school board members that sent your children home and took two years of their lives away. You can change your DA and ensure that the person in office resembles your values. You can vote for a sheriff that will throw two fingers up to the federal government. You can fortify and band together and create the communities that you want for yourself and more importantly your children. Then it matters. The people running at a federal level are actors and actresses on a stage. Other than stealing your money and sending it to arbitrary places you never agreed upon, they do very little that impacts your life. (I’m not saying nothing; stealing half your paycheck is a pretty big freaking deal…Sending a gazillion taxpayer dollars to launder in a foreign country is a big freaking deal…) What I mean is that the majority of that legislation and those decisions are coming from an unelected bureaucracy that you can do NOTHING about. Your local government, though, is yours to transform and mold and limit however you see fit. I implore and challenge you to do some research tonight. Spend some time with your ballot. Look your candidates up on their social medias find out what they say they stand for. Most importantly play your part to ensure the ones you want, make it to office. If and when they make it there, hold their feet to the fire. Force them to stay true to the promises and commitments that they make. Raise absolute hell if they don’t. Shame them and humiliate them until they quit their jobs and replace them immediately. We relinquished our power to a bunch of people who think they know better than us. It’s time that we take a vested interest in proving them wrong. For those of you interested, I will be livestreaming the election coverage tomorrow evening with a few friends on Twitter, Facebook, Rumble and Odysee. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it!

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