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Why do you hate Russia?

I want you to take a moment and ponder the subject line of this newsletter. Why do you hate Russia? Why are you so focused on Ukraine and Russia’s conflict right now? Is it because you have family there? Is it because you have investments that are being impacted? Or is it because you’re being told to? This is not me condoning Russia’s actions or behavior or aggression or invasion of Ukraine. This is me challenging you and anyone you share this with to think about WHY you’re invested? Less than a month ago, people were DEMANDING that you and your children wear a bacteria diaper on your faces and jab yourselves with a drug full of undisclosed ingredients or you were not allowed to participate in society. Those same people are now screaming at the top of their lungs “I Stand with Ukraine!” and preaching about liberty and freedom and appalled at Russia’s behavior. This all while not talking about or acknowledging the role that they played in pushing Russia to this point.

Change the scenario; pretend with me, for a moment that Mexico is Ukraine and the United States is Russia. In 1994 Mexico had nuclear weapons and China came over to Mexico and said, “hey…look…I know you have this dragon breathing down your neck and you just gained your own independence, but trust me, if you give up those nuclear weapons, we will protect you.” From that point moving forward, in exchange for safety and protection, China set up operations to do things like create a soft coup and install a pro-China government and run operations in an attempt to destabilize the United States both politically and economically. Do you think that Mexico should stand by and allow China to do that; to use them as a pawn in a game of chess where they are the ultimate loser? What actions do you think the United States has the right to take at that time?

I am not a foreign policy expert by any stretch of anyone’s imagination and this scenario removes much of the intricacies that have taken place. I am, however, smart enough to be objective when looking at a situation and know that when the warpigs start calling and they’re asking you to choose a side, nay GUIDING you to which side to choose, it’s because the propaganda machine is working to hide wrongdoing. It’s your job to determine whose wrongdoing as the media will not show you the entire picture; only what they want you to see. This administration just asked Congress to provide $6.4 BILLION for aid to Ukraine, which has been a money laundering dream for politicians for decades. A good place to start would be this article:

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Take care of yourselves and one another because no one else is going to do it for you.

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